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Kleen-Tech has experience in many different venues. We have a wide variety of understanding in specialty facilities such as airports, university campuses, casinos, resorts, laboratories, industrial facilities and warehouses.

“This letter is in reference to an acknowledgement of an exceptionally good job performed by two of your employees. On a number of occasions, people have commented to our security officers about our clean restrooms and Center. Then when our officer informs them that the two main buildings in the Center are cleaned and maintained by two people, they cannot believe that only two people can keep the Center looking so good.”

--Colorado Customer

We understand that special facilities have special needs. Unlike an office, your facility may be occupied 24/7 with high volumes of visitors and traffic. Your facility requires specialized security or safety restrictions or a campus encompassing everything from offices to cafeterias, laboratories, clinics, warehouses, and even sports arenas. We customize our services to your needs.


We at Kleen-Tech pride ourselves on our unique partnerships with our customers, our managing proficiencies and Guiding Principles. 


Badging and secure facilities are our specialties.

Our Project Managers are responsible for establishing strong relationships with our customer representatives to coordinate and schedule access to and from our customer facilities for our employees.

All Kleen-Tech employees are required to wear badges. We coordinate special badges for employees working in the restricted areas. We train our employees during in-processing and with refresher training annually thereafter on any required security procedures.

For more information on our training program, please click here.


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 Quality is the responsibility of every employee, every day. We implement quality control processes and procedures in every facility we serve. 

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