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Title: Commercial

KLEEN-TECH: A facilities manager’s accommodating and reliable partner.

“Kleen-Tech’s focus on continuous improvement and enhanced efficiency creates true partnerships. When we came under economic pressure, Kleen-Tech worked with us to revise custodial services to meet our specific needs and budget.”

--Property Manager, Houston, Texas

A facility support services provider should only employ the most recent proven technologies AND management practices in the cleaning industry. He or she needs to partner with a company who works in similar buildings and assures they will provide the services his or her building needs.

Whether you manage an office building, a retail center, an entire corporate campus, or corporate facilities in multiple states, rest assured that Kleen-Tech has the experience in your type of facility and the expertise to get the job done. 

WHAT YOU NEED: Worry-free maintenance partner so you can get your job done

When you choose Kleen-Tech, you check the “maintenance” box off your “TO DO” list and don’t look back. We assure only EXCELLENCE in our services, leaving you to focus on your job. That’s why you contracted a cleaning business in the first place, so you don’t have to think about it. Kleen-Tech gets that, which is why we promise our customers hassle-free services. When our customers walk into their commercial buildings, they walk into a maintained and worry-free environment. 


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