Work Order System

Kleen-Tech utilizes a custom Work Order System that enables the tracking of all work, whether it pertains to the agreed upon scope of work or is requested by a Client.

When we begin services at a new facility, each task from the scope of work is documented as a work order. The system allows our team to provide comments and updates for individual work orders, which all have due dates and alerts to remind our teams of tasks ahead of time. This allows our team to plan ahead for upcoming work, making certain that we have the necessary supplies and the appropriate team members scheduled for the job at hand.

In addition to being a valuable tool for our team, the Work Order System benefits our Clients as well. When a Client contacts Mission Control with a request, our dispatchers create a work order for this request. The work order is then relayed to the appropriate Supervisor, who then dispatches a team member to address the Client's request. Our Client is also provided with the work order number associated with their request, our way of communicating that their request has been received and an action plan is in motion.

Current and upcoming work orders are reviewed by our Operations teams in their daily calls with Mission Control, and Supervisors review open Work Orders in their Weekly LEADERSHIP Meetings. These conversations are vital to our daily operations, because at Kleen-Tech we believe transparency, communication, and accountability are necessary in order to successfully serve our Clients and support our team.

We know how important it is that our Clients are confident in our ability to respond to and address their requests, and our work order system provides an avenue for our teams to maintain transparency and facilitate our commitment to accountability.

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