Raise The Flag

While we strive to be perfect in all that we do, we also know that things don’t always go according to plan. In response, we have developed our own Raise the Flag system, fondly known by our team as the RTF system. This isn’t just a behind the scenes tool, it is part of our daily life and use of the RTF system is ingrained in our employees from the field to the corporate office from day one.

How does it work? It’s simple: when an issue occurs, or one of our standards is in jeopardy or in need of improvement an RTF is filed. Creating an RTF is also simple: our employees have access to the RTF system and can create a new RTF any time. They can also call Mission Control and request a new RTF is filed. The same goes for our Clients. Once an RTF is created, the issue is worked and the actions taken are documented in the system:

  • All relevant stakeholders, as well as the owner of the issue, receive an alert through the system.
  • The stakeholders take action to resolve the issue
  • The owner of the issue documents the following in the RTF system
    • The actions taken to resolve the issue, along with their commitment date for each action
    • The root cause of the issue. At Kleen-Tech, we work hard to find the real issue and its true, root cause
    • The corrective actions taken that are designed to prevent recurrence

Our teams report on any open RTFs in their Weekly LEADERSHIP Meetings to ensure commitments are made, accountability and transparency are upheld, and incidents are resolved quickly with preventative measures in place.

The takeaway: Kleen-Tech believes in transparency, accountability, and creating lasting, positive change. We achieve these ideals through the documentation of incidents, our commitments to resolve issues, and the actions we have taken or plan to take. We don’t shy away from issues, in fact we face them head on to learn and grow from our experiences, which is all to the benefit of our Clients.

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