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Support and Resources

At Kleen-Tech we have custom built numerous systems and tools that allow us to support our field staff. From our 24/7 call center, Mission Control, to our Work Order and Raise the Flag systems, we have the tools in place to get the job done right and on time, while holding ourselves and each other accountable for our commitment to excellence. We achieve accountability in many ways, all of which have the theme of transparency in common:

  • Collaboration: we collaborate across departments and levels of our organization in all that we do.
  • Weekly LEADERSHIP Meetings: our LEADERSHIP teams meet weekly to discuss a variety of topics. During these meetings, actions are documented, commitment dates are created and documented, allowing our teams to maintain transparency and to hold themselves and each other accountable to their commitments.
  • Quality Control: we routinely document quality control inspections and their results, following up on any subpar scores with work orders and when necessary, we Raise the Flag.
  • Raise the Flag: when a standard is in jeopardy or an issue arises, it is documented and our team acts immediately to resolve issues and ensure we have taken steps to prevent recurrence.
  • Mission Control: our Mission Control dispatchers are trained to respond to requests and concerns from both Clients and team members, creating work orders, Raising the Flag, and sending pertinent information for inclusion on Weekly LEADERSHIP Meeting agendas. These processes document the various occurrences in any given day and help us to hold ourselves accountable to meet both our commitments and the needs of our Clients.

Simply put, we do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it, and we have the systems, processes, and tools in place to keep this commitment to our Clients and our colleagues.

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