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We at Kleen-Tech pride ourselves on our unique partnerships with our customers, our managing proficiencies and Guiding Principles.

When we “win a bid”, we are not gaining a location or facility, we are gaining a partner. We make sure you and your facility fit into our company’s ideals, just as much as you do when choosing your facilities management company. We value our customers, the new ones just as much as the customers who have been with us since the beginning.

We work together every day with one another. We are here for you, we ensure we understand you and your facility’s needs so that your space’s EXCELLENCE is fulfilled. You can trust that our employees are equipped with the tools, equipment, expertise and support necessary to meet your customer and facility needs. This is why we provide our Mission Control solution, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year, our call center is staffed and expertly operated so our customers and employees have complete access to all of our resources at all times. Mission Control does not take only incoming calls, our employee Dispatch Specialists contact every location daily to ensure all needs are being met, they are accomplishing their commitments and that each location has the materials and support needed to provide EXCELLENCE for that specific day. This is just our way of holding up our end of the partnership.

We provide each customer with an entrusted and experienced management team. Each robust team exudes the highest levels of customer service, ensuring their location and team members are performing at their very best. They hold our employees accountable to get the job done, and done right, while ensuring trust is evident amongst the team members so each commitment in achieving EXCELLENCE is routinely met on a daily basis.

Our six Guiding Principles define the path we take every day. We know it’s all about the people (Guiding Principle #1), our employees and customers - our partners. We provide a wonderful work environment (Guiding Principle #2); while encouraging an open, creative, transparent and dialogue-filled team-based approach (Guiding Principle #3); doing what we say we’ll do (Guiding Principle #4); leading not with a heavy hand or barking loud orders, but through Great Questions, Great Listening, Great Communication and Great Facilitation (Guiding Principle #5) and successfully competing only by being the absolute very best (Guiding Principle #6).

Our employees, partnerships, management team and Guiding Principles all ensure that Kleen-Tech consistently delivers on its promise of providing EXCELLENCE in all we do.

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 Quality is the responsibility of every employee, every day. We implement quality control processes and procedures in every facility we serve. 

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